Tami Roman is ‘sick’ of ‘Basketball Wives’


    Tami Roman may have just about had it with the shenanigans on this seasons of “Basketball Wives.”

    The VH1 star once again shared her opinion on what went on this week as viewers saw things between her and show creator Shaunie O’Neal begin to sour. It’s hte just the latest of her less-than-favorable portrayals this cycle.

    So far this season, Tami’s been made to look like a jealous instigator that recruits her cast mates to do her dirty work. She has tried to address the situation with Shaunie, expressing that she doesn’t like to be framed as the cast trouble maker. Unfortunately for her, Shaunie felt justified in warning cast newbie Tasha Marbury that Tami might be a tough nut to crack.

    “I’m still mad. They’re trying to portray me week after week as a certain type of person, and I’m not going for that and I am not having that,” Tami said during recent radio interview. “I’m sick of the Basketball Wives train that has the left the station this season.”

    But what about her campaign to dig up dirt on Tasha? Tami believes that she was simply getting prepared for whatever may come her way. “This woman knows everything there is to know about me. We’re five seasons in,” Tami explained. “I knew nothing about this person. So I did my investigation and found out some things. I wanted to be armed with information, in cause she tried to come at me sideways cause I never know how somebody’s gonna come at me. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

    And Tami was really not happy with the insinuation that she opted to skip Evelyn Lozada’s PETA ad party because she was mad that the organization chose not to use her in their anti-fur campaign. To the contrary, Tami stated, “I congratulated her on and was happy for her, but tried to make it seem like I was hating on her by not coming to her party. I don’t get down like that.”

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