Tasha ‘taken aback’ by Evelyn dishing her dirt

    Evelyn Lozada, Tasha MarburyShe brushed it off when it was first mentioned, but truth be told, Tasha Marbury isn’t exactly thrilled that Evelyn Lozada used her life story as fodder for her book.

    “I was a little taken aback by it,” Tasha told VH1. “I think it was kinda wrong for her to do that.”

    “Basketball Wives” viewers likely remember when Evelyn told Tasha about the story in her book about a wife whose husband cheated with the chef. Tasha seemed unfazed by it, but she admitted that Evelyn’s actions weren’t what she’d expect from her friend of more than 10 years.

    “I thought as friends you would tell your friend if you’re writing a book or something you were going to put a portion of their life in a book,” said Tasha. “At the time she said that she didn’t think that it would come out or whatever the case may be.”

    Tasha admitted on the show that the story of her husband, Stephon Marbury, sleeping with the couple’s chef wasn’t just gossip. It happened. However, that was seven years ago, and Tasha said she’s healed from it.

    “I’ve moved upward and onward from it. I don’t dwell on it. I can’t go back and erase it, but I’m not going to let that overshadow my life and stop me from being the person I am,” she said.

    For women who’ve experienced similar drama in their marriages, Tasha said having a great support system helps. For those women who wish to be an NBA wife like Tasha, she advised that they come up with some new goals.

    Evelyn_Tasha“I say dream of being yourself and making something of your own life and then if you so happen to meet a basketball player or a professional [athlete], that’s wonderful,” she said. “Young girls need to just focus on making something of themselves.”

    The same goes for older 30-somethings, like Tasha, who didn’t allow her hubby’s objections to stop her from joining the season 5 cast.

    “To be quite honest, he wasn’t very happy about it because the show had such a bad reputation. He was totally against it. Once I decided to do the show, I just told him, ‘There’s nothing you can really say or do to change my mind.’ When I told him I had signed the contract, he was leaving to go to China. So, once he’s in China, there’s nothing that can be done,” said Tasha who hopes being on the series will raise awareness of her charities, including Faded Tears that helps abused children.

    Tasha hasn’t had any run-ins with her co-stars yet, but a preview hints at an altercation between Tasha and Suzie Ketcham, which “shocked” the reality TV newbie.

    Though Tasha has only been seen in four episodes, fans already find it difficult to imagine her getting physical with anyone. She admits that she’s what many call burgoise.

    “I like nice things. I carry myself very classy and sophisticated,” she said. “Just because you like nice things or like to carry yourself in a certain way doesn’t necessarily make you a snob…I’m fun. I’m human, and I’m approachable.”

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