Tia Mowry-Hardrict, LaLa Anthony share dating dealbreakers


    Even though they’re happily married ladies, Tia Mowry-Hardrict and LaLa Anthony know what they wouldn’t put up with if they were single.

    Tia and LaLa weren’t always living happily ever after with their hubbies. They had to kiss their fair share of frogs before finding The One, but Tia admits that she didn’t have to do a whole lot of searching.

    “I’ve never done a lot of dating before. My husband is my only boyfriend,” Tia confessed to CocoaFab.com.

    LaLa’s been with her hubby Carmelo Anthony for about 10 years, but she imparted a little wisdom on why confidence is key in dating.

    “I definitely thinks it’s important for women to know they’re enough because you are enough. You shouldn’t measure your value off of somebody else,” said LaLa. “To me confidence and style and all of that starts on the inside. You have to have confidence and self respect and all of that shines through.”

    Of course that advice only covers one half of a relationship, and it takes two to tango. What about what your potential suitor is bringing to the table? Tia and Lala, along with their Baggage Claim co-star Christina Milian discussed what would not fly in their relationships!

    While the ladies all seemed to be willing to work with a man facing different challenges, they all seemed to agree on one potential dealbreaker. Find out what it was in the video below!


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