Fred Thomas shares his side of Kelly Price confrontation

    Fred Thomas, Jr., R&B Divas: LAFred Thomas, Jr., played a larger part in season 1 of “R&B Divas: LA” than some of the show’s stars who seemed to opt out before the finale aired.

    The director’s conflict with anchor cast member, Kelly Price, was a pivotal storyline and drama producer for the show. Kelly, who admitted that she intentionally gave Fred a hard time, caught a lot of flack for jumping in Fred’s face and challenging him professionally. Though she said she apologized to him off-camera, Fred doesn’t quite recall that exchange.

    “That part I don’t quite remember,” Fred told “I remember a lot that went along with Kelly. All I can say is the thing I do remember is her saying, ‘Fred, I have nothing against you.’ If that was her apology, then okay.”

    According to the show’s stars, Fred was brought on by the “R&B Divas: LA” producers, but based on what viewers witnessed, it seemed Kelly had her own idea about who should wear the “director” hat, and that’s where the drama began.

    “The problem was the ladies had to be on the same page first before we could even get into a rehearsal. So, my creative process, I was worried because the longer we took trying to figure this out. We’re eating up time that we need to be spending on this show, and that was my concern,” he said. “I did expect a respectable calm. I just walked in expecting that, that it would be more calm and a reserved situation.”

    Calm isn’t exactly what Fred received from Kelly, and he said her attitude toward him shocked him. Luckily, Fred did not react to Kelly with the same level of aggression.

    “I lie to you not. It was God with His hands on me,” Fred said of his restraint. “A lot of things went on in my mind at that particular time. It was, ‘Am I being disrespected? I have to respect myself. I have to respect this female. Why don’t you listen to what she’s saying? Is she challenging you? Is she just straight-up trying to blast you and make you look bad?’”

    DivasFredFred, who was also confused by how supposed friends Kelly and Chante Moore interacted, said he decided taking the high road would be best.

    “My No. 1 thing was for me, I knew that if I was going to do the show, I wasn’t getting caught up in any kinda drama. I wasn’t getting caught up in any kind of arguments,” he said.

    After all the confusion, Fred said he was relieved when the monologues were over.

    “My brain was fried, dude. It’s crazy. Literally, after it was over, I probably went to bed and slept between the mattresses for like four days straight. I caught a cold. I was sick,” he said.

    Despite the highs and lows, Fred said he was pleased with the final Divalogues presentation.

    “When I go, I go hard. The thing was I knew that they had it, and they knew that they had it. It was just about making sure that all the pieces were in the right place,” he said. “These women, they went out there and they did it.”

    Listen below and hear more from Fred here.

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