Two women suspected of raping Chicago man

    CierraOne Chicago woman is in custody after her suspected involvement in a man’s rape that occurred over the summer.

    If that’s not already interesting enough, all of this—the rape at gunpoint and robbery—took place in a car.

    Cierra Ross, 25, allegedly offered the 33-year-old victim a ride and he accepted. Once he was in the car, she then ordered him to get in the backseat where her friend was waiting, according to reports.

    Cierra, a mom to two kids, is accused of using her gun as a motivating tool for the man to engage in sexual intercourse with her friend. The victim was ordered to place his hands on the alleged assailant’s breasts and butt during the assault. After the incident, the women allegedly robbed the man of his iPhone, credit cards and $200. He then fled the scene.

    Whoever that mystery woman was in the backseat, her name has not been released and it seems no charges have been filed against her.

    Although Cierra wasn’t the one that had sex with the victim, she was arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse and armed robbery.

    Her bail was set at $75,000.

    Get more on the story here. Watch.

    Is this assault a definite sign that the game has changed and women are now the ones pursuing men instead of the other way around? Leave your comments below.

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