Friday Funnies: Ask A Slave

    Reality is sometimes better than satire as we see in the new web series “Ask A Slave,” where modern day people make ignorant queries.

    We can all agree that slavery is generally a bad thing, right? Wrong. Apparently actress Azie Mira Dungey ran across some folks who didn’t understand that while she was playing George Washington’s “personal housemaid” at Mount Vernon.

    A far cry from Russell Simmons’ Harriet Tubman sex tape, Azie answers the shocking questions with cutting wit and a smile–which only makes it more hilarious. Check out the video below to witness all of the ridiculousness she experienced. White people weren’t the only ones asking dumb questions.

    White people weren’t the only ones asking dumb questions. Check out the video below!

    In the space of a week, Azie had already put out three episodes. Look out for more clips soon!

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