Jayda Jacques shares redemption story in ‘Jersey Strong’

    Jersey Strong, Jayda JacquesIn a gang full of boys, you would think it would be hard being the only female in your set, but who said a girl isn’t tough enough to run with the boys?

    Star of the new docu-series “Jersey Strong”, Jayda Jacques, shared what life was like as a female member of the Blood gang.

    As a product of her environment, Jayda became fascinated with the street. By the time she reached 13, Jayda left her brother’s home for good to be in the company of her homies. Once coined the first lady of her set, the Bloods were her everything.

    “I love what Bloods stand for, the real reason….Bloods were the underdogs, like me,” she told Sister 2 Sister.

    “Jersey Strong” offers viewers a glimpse of Jayda as a mother and mentor. She is raising two children, Layla and Aljahmeir, with fiancé Creep, a former Crip. Jayda and Creep are working collectively to keep their children safe from the streets.

    “My household is full of scholars…I’m raising a doctor,” she said. “My son is going to be a surgeon. At 1, he had every doctor toy.”

    While fighting a case in 2008, she met defense attorney Brooke Barnett. The two remained in touch after her trial and eventually developed a close relationship.

    “Brooke kept me out of jail…Brooke is my girl. She’s a good person,” Jayda explained.

    JaydaJacquesAfter realizing her potential and willingness to leave the gang life, Jayda made it her job to change the lives of young women who grew up similar to her.

    In 2008, Jayda created 9 Strong Women, a non-profit organization formed as an alternative to gangs and street culture for young women. Now in 2013, 9 Strong Women has spread to five different schools in the Newark and East Orange area and has over 60 members.

    Now an advocate for leadership she hopes to lead young girls on the right path. She is leading by example for her children and teaching that you can overcome the adversity.

    “Jersey Strong” will premiere Saturday, September 14 on Pivtol TV.

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