Nicki Minaj sued over ‘Starships’

    Nicki Minaj’s 2012 dance hit “Starships” may have landed her in some legal trouble with a mysterious musician.

    Young Money’s resident bombshell is being accused of snagging someone else’s beats for the song, which burned up the charts last summer.

    An artist named Clive Tanaka filed a copyright infringement suit against Nicki in Chicago’s U.S. District court on Tuesday. In court documents, he claims that Nicki sampled some part of his song “Neu Chicago” without his permission for “Starships.” Clive also names Nicki’s producer RedOne in the lawsuit, which also states that “Neu Chicago” had enjoyed a fair amount of U.S. airplay and heavy rotation online.

    Clive also pointed out that the “Neu Chicago” was being used in a TV commercial in Sweden around the time that RedOne may have been living there. As such, Clive’s attorney Chris Niro stated, “They had a very good opportunity to hear it,” Niro said.

    Not much is known about Clive, who has never performed in public and doesn’t use his real name. However, Chris told The Chicago Tribune that he is preparing to work on some new music and a film in South America. “Argentina, from what I was told,” Christopher said. “He’s kind of a reclusive — he makes and produces music and that’s his goal.”

    Nicki’s camp has yet to comment on the lawsuit or Clive’s claims that she and her team lifted his beats.

    This is not the first time that Clive has called attention to the similarities in the music. Last year, he posted a clip on SoundCloud that merged “Neu Chicago” and “Starships.” Listeners are able to hear Nicki’s track in the left headphone and his in the right.

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