Beyoncé pulled off stage by fan

    Beyoncé nearly took a tumble off of a stage in Brazil thanks to one oversealous fan showing her a little too much love.

    Beyoncé might start requesting hazard pay.

    The diva was giving a dazzling performance of her hit “Irreplaceable” during a show Sao Paulo, Brazil, last night. Just as she knelt down to connect with fans by the stage, one member of the Beyhive climbed up and wrapped the singer in a bear hug that nearly brought her off stage.

    Although the singer went down, her body guards rushed onstage to pull her from the fans grip. Beyonce might have missed a beat or two during the incident on the Latin American leg of The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, but she didn’t miss too many as she hopped right back into the song the moment she was free.

    Instead of letting her security detail pummel the guy, Bey waved the guards off as she told them that everything was “alright.” Then she took it a step further by kneeling down to ask her fan’s name and shake his hand.

    “Nice to meet you,” Bey could heard saying in video of the incident. “Thank you; I love you, too.”

    Check out more shots from Bey’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour!

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