Daily Buzz 9.16.13: Kim Zolciak writing advice book?

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    Does Tamar Braxton want to act?

    Tamar Braxton has no intension of slowing down right now. With the #1 R&B album on sale and another one on the way, Tamar might be eyeing a return to acting.

    “Well, you know, I started off acting. I actually got my start with Tyler Perry; I went on the road with him with Madea Goes to Jail,” Tamar told The GRAMMYs. “I would love to do more acting.”

    Tamar believes that a nice acting role would be great for her right now because she’s already having to learn how to act differently than she normally would. “These days, I’m a different chick every other day, honey. This is like a new life for me, and sometimes I kind of have to downplay how to act,” she said of her huge personality and mannerisms. “Right now I want to do the running man, and I know that’s not appropriate”

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    5 thoughts on “Daily Buzz 9.16.13: Kim Zolciak writing advice book?

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