‘Basketball Wives’ recap: Season 5 ep. 5

    Marlon auditions for Shaunie

    Shaunie O’Neal decided to do her man a solid and her let him audition for her play The Wives of Basketball (clearly she’s stretching those creative muscles). No one can deny that Marlon is a very good looking man, but Shaunie was a little skeptical when he said he wanted to try out for her play. She’d never seen him act before, and she wasn’t sure if he had the chops.

    But after a brief back-and-forth with her boo, Shaunie agreed to let him show her what he’s got during a reading for her play. He was the second guy to read for the part of the basketball player, and she thought he did amazing. But what we saw lead us to question whether she was she watching the same audition that we did.

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