Daily Buzz 9.17.13: Is Lil Mom getting a spin-off?

    Tasha Marbury staying neutral with ‘BBW’ cast

    Tasha Marbury has no interest in picking any sides between Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal. The “Basketball Wives” told VH1 that she decided to stay neutral in the continued debate over whether Shaunie was trying to stir up some drama when she said meeting Tami could go “real right or real wrong.”

    “I just listened to what they had to say and I said I’m not gonna formulate any opinions of Tami until I actually meet her myself,” Tasha stated, explaining why she personally didn’t see the big deal in Shaunie’s description.

    “I can’t speak for Tami or Shaunie. Tami, in her mind, she might have valid reasons for feeling the way she feels,” Tasha Shanie clearly had valid reasons for saying what she said. I don’t really feel there’s a right or wrong here.”

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