Daily Buzz 9.17.13: Is Lil Mom getting a spin-off?

    Tami talks Evelyn and Shaunie

    Tami has a lot of nice things to say about her co-stars and VH1′s production this season. That doesn’t mean that she’s letting them off of the hook for the way they’ve treated her this time around.

    “I don’t think anybody out there in life likes to be called out of their name,” Tami said in her video blog this week in an attempt to explain why she got in Evelyn Lozada’s face on “Basketball Wives” Monday night. “If it was you, you wasn’t going to be to many more ‘b*tches’, either.”

    Tami’s been making more of an effort to change her ways and remain calm in the face of confrontation. Unfortunately, that went out of the window for a moment during a blowup at dinner.

    “Yes, I jumped out my seat, but let’s be clear: I didn’t punch her in her face. I didn’t do that; I was able to contain myself,” Tami stated. “I did not fight Evelyn. She was smart. She’s a smart cookie; she kept that a*s in that seat. That was good because that was able to bring me back down.”

    With Evelyn out of the way, she moved on to address Shaunie O’Neal. Tami’s happy that Shaunie is being more vocal this season, but she feels that the “BBW” creator isn’t being as forthright as she would like to appear.

    “I love the fact that you are speaking your mind,” Tami commended before speaking her own mind about Shaunie’s behavior. “But here’s the problem with what I’m saying over the course of shows: You’re looking a little shady because before anybody else can say anything, you done took it back.”

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