TGT is no fan of reality TV

    Cover_October2013_TGTThe three men of R&B male group TGT, Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese, sat down to dish on family, friendship, love and just everyday life. Reality television, something Ginuwine is all too familiar with, was one topic the men had strong opinions about.

    “Reality TV has introduced us to new interpretations of dysfunction,” Tyrese told S2S Publisher Jamie Brown.

    At one point, Ginuwine was actually looking into starring in a reality television show with his family. They even invited camera crews into their home to film a pilot episode. Unfortunately, that fell through.

    “We weren’t willing to act like fools on TV,” said Ginuwine.

    The men argued that today’s TV doesn’t reflect the family values shows once did. “Good Times” and “The Cosby Show” were used as examples of what inspirational TV should look like.

    Tank said he refused to be a part of this epidemic that is “affecting the overall understanding of Black family values.”

    Tyrese summed up what he sees as the problem, the influence and excitement about materialism. “You got people with no souls that are concerned about their shoe soles,” said Tyrese.

    Read the full Q&A with TGT in the October 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister and watch a preview below.

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