‘I Dream of Nene’ recap: Episode 1

    The Leakes eye repairing family ties

    Outside of a pre-nup, there were a few other conditions that NeNe wanted Gregg to satisfy before she said “I do (again).” At the top of her list is that she wants him to repair the relationship he has with his older kids’ and clearing up the perception that she’s the one who took him away from their family. She’s tired of being seen as the evil step mother.

    This is just a symptom of a larger problem, though. It turns out that Gregg never really got around to blending his family over the course of his first marriage to NeNe, which was about 15 years long.

    Oh, but wait! NeNe’s got some of her own family issues to deal with. She hasn’t spoken to Curtis, the man she knew as her dad growing up, since they found out that he wasn’t her biological father. She doesn’t really want him to walk her down the aisle like he did the first time around, but she does want him to be at the wedding.

    But she’s got to get a hold of Curtis before she can extend an invitation, and that required her to call her him from her uncle’s cell phone.

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