Claudette Ortiz talks homelessness, ‘R&B Divas: LA’ future

    Claudette Ortiz, R&B Divas: LAWhile rumors swirl that she may be dropped from the “R&B Divas: LA” cast, Claudette Ortiz is making it clear that she’s up for season 2.

    “Next season, I hope they capture my ‘bubbliness’ and the happier side of me. I was just meeting all the ladies and now I know them,” Claudette told JET.

    The former City High singer is one of the few who didn’t seem to have any beef with her co-stars, but that’s likely because of all the personal drama she was facing.

    “When the show began taping, I was trying to rebuild my life. I went through a divorce and lost my home, and that was a really rough time for me. I also had to go to social services and that was a struggle,” explained Claudette whose daughter suffered a serious burn while the show was being taped.

    Claudette told Hot 97 radio that she was also nearly homeless just a few years before resurfacing on the TV One reality show. She’d considered signing up for the Air Force Reserve, too.

    With a fight for survival going on behind the scenes, it’s little wonder that Claudette didn’t appear bubbly on “R&B Divas: LA,” and she caught some flack from fans for it. However, the exposure has still helped to resurrect her career.

    “I have been approached by Broadway and some other exciting things, but they are all for 2013. I am entertaining all new offers,” she told JET. “People are just catching wind of the show; things are flowing in a lot.”

    While a season 2 would give viewers a chance to get to know Claudette better, rumors have been circulating about her exit from the show, in part, because she reportedly didn’t cause enough drama.

    Claudette has had nothing bad to say about any of her co-stars publicly, not even the show’s “villain.”

    “When I met Kelly she was very sweet and I just wanted to hug her. She has always treated me well. I cannot judge her for the way she chooses to handle disputes, because everyone makes the best decision for them,” she said about the show’s anchor cast member who was criticized for bringing Vaseline and Timberlands to a rehearsal.

    “I love Lil Mo. She makes me laugh so much and she is a great mother. Dawn is very sweet and soft-spoken—and I never viewed her as weak. Michel’le is really deep, but she’s funny, too. Chante and I really connected! Physically, that woman’s body is crazy. TV doesn’t do her justice. Even her gums are beautiful!” Claudette said.

    There’s been no official word on a season 2 of the spin-off series or whether Claudette will be invited back, but she’s already looking forward to continuing on with the reality show and her new diva sisters.

    “I want us to become closer next season,” she said.

    Claudette talks about her City High drama. Watch.

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