Daily Buzz 9.19.13: Paula Patton talks 2013 VMAs

    New Music: Lil Mo’s ‘Ls Up’

    Lil Mo isn’t going to let anything stand in her way as she pushes to do better. The “R&B Divas” star has just dropped a new single, which could serve as an anthem for anyone fighting to make a change. The song noticably features an artist named Cynthia, which is Lil Mo’s really name.

    “‘L’s Up’ main message is that one of the biggest battles I’ve struggled within, is I seek to do good, and the enemy is always in my space,” Mo recently told AlwaysAList.com. “Sometimes the biggest enemy was myself. So I turned it. Now when I feel I’m down to my last, throw my ‘L’ up. Love myself. I will not lose!”

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