NeNe Leakes defends pre-nup

    Gregg and NeNe Leakes
    NeNe Leakes doesn’t care what you think, she thinks getting a pre-nup is the smartest thing she could have done for her marriage.

    During her recent visit to the Bravo Clubhouse after the premiere of her spin-off, NeNe told “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen that there was no way she was getting married again without some of the proper paperwork for insurance.

    “You have to get a pre-nup, there’s nothing with it. People look at it like it’s a bad thing and it’s not,” the “I Dream of NeNe” star said.

    NeNe’s fellow guest Paula Patton admitted that although she and her husband Robin Thicke don’t have a pre-nup, she doesn’t disagree with NeNe’s decision to get one.

    “It depends. I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t have a pre-nup, but we knew each other since were 15 years old,” Paula said. “But I understand, you don’t know what the future will hold and I think that it’s smart that you did.”

    Paula joked that having a pre-nup might also go a long way to helping NeNe keep her hubby Gregg Leakes in check, but that’s not how NeNe sees it.

    “[It doesn’t] necessarily keep him in check because I wouldn’t want him to not have if I wasn’t with him. He’s smart. He’s successful,” she explained. “I just want the pre-nup to lay things out in case something were to happen. It’s a smart move.”

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