Is Antoine Dodson married?


    Antoine Dodson might make an honest woman out of his babymama if he hasn’t done it already!

    Hours after he announced that he and his unidentified girlfriend are expecting a child, the YouTube star hinted to Hip Hollywood that his “queen” may actually be his wife.

    “How do you know we aren’t married now,” Antoine joked before clarifyingt hat “I don’t really want to talk about that because I don’t have her permission. Obviously, you’re going to meet her one day and we are going to be able to tell you everything you need to know. But right now we’re kind of secretive.”

    Antoine’s got a few more secrets, though. Once an openly gay man, Antoine only announced back in May that he was rejecting his sexuality and re-focusing his desires on women. So what kind of woman does Antoine have? While he would not identify his lady love, he did tell Hip Hollywood that she is an old friend of his that knows his past.

    “She’s taken my attention away from all that other stuff I had going on. We have fun together, we love each other,” Antoine said.”I love her, and now she’s having my baby and this is my first child ever. I”m pretty excited about that, but yet I’m still numb, I can’t believe this.”

    He’s not the only one! When he revealed that he was having a child one of his fans on Twitter asked, “Aren’t you gay?” Antoine’s not allowing himself to get too worked up over his critics and naysayers, but he admits that they are in the vast majority.

    “Everybody is turning against me,” he said. “At first, when I was growing up, everybody said ‘You need to read the Bible. You need to know that God is against [homosexuality.]’ And then when you actually say, ‘I’ve changed and I’m on the right path; I’m straight,’ they still have a problem with it.”
    He concluded, “You can’t make people happy, you can’t satisfy everyone.”

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