K.Michelle talks possible Grammy snub


    K.Michelle believes that there’s nothing holding her back from getting a Grammy nomination other than her attitude

    The Rebellious Soul singer tooted her own horn when when she told Page 31, “I just put out an album and it did very well.” In her opinion, she put out an award-winning album, but she knows that talent isn’t the only thing that determines who gets a nomination and who doesn’t.

    K.Michelle knows that you kind of have to play the game in the music business, but that’s just not her style. She believes that would be the only thing potentially keeping her from professional recognition.

    “It would definitely be that. I feel like i’m not a very political artist. I just make great music for the people,” K.Michelle reasoned. “Definitely if I did not get those nods everyone would be fully aware as to why.”

    Since she rose to fame as a reality star on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” a lot of people find it a little tough to take her seriously as an artist. Although she was singing way before she ever made it to TV, her fame as a reality star is not a barrier for her. “I don’t think people understand how much of a musician that I am until they get to see me in the studio,” the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star said.

    K.Michelle also revealed that she’ll be going on tour starting in November and she’s bring some other phenomenal voices on the road with her. “I’m taking some amazing women with me on this tour, and you guys are going to be excited about it,” she teased

    There’s no word on who K.Michelle might be taking on the road with her, but she’s getting pretty close with Elle Varner and Bridget Kelley since she’s taken up residence in New York. “They were just genuine women, and we have a lot in common,” K.Michelle explained of her friendship with both singers. “It’s good to have somebody around you that understands what you’re going through and understands your job.”

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