Keyshia Cole’s husband denies he cheated on her

    Keyshia Cole GibsonDaniel “Booby” Gibson, Keyshia Cole’s husband, took to Twitter to blast gossip news sites and confirm that his marriage is struggling.

    “We not getting along right now true. But don’t spread that type of Negativity. The World don’t need that…!” tweeted Booby, directing his tirade at

    “As for MTO. All u do tell lies for an audience,” he wrote about the site that posted a story which accused him of cheating.

    Keyshia who notoriously expresses herself—likes and dislikes—via Twitter, didn’t post a response to her husband’s tweets, but she did share them on her own timeline.

    Though he admitted that they’re “not getting along,” Daniel clarified that he’d never cheat on Keyshia.

    “Its just amazing these days the affect the media & news have on Society. It allows them to brainwash u. Be careful what u feed ur mind,” he warned.


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