NeNe Leakes denies having former ‘RHOA’ co-stars fired

    RHOA4LongFPSS.jpgA lot of women have come and gone from Bravo’s hit TV show, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and NeNe Leakes denies she has had anything to do with the exits.

    As the undisputed Queen Bee of the group and the only original cast member on the show, it’s little wonder viewers have questioned whether she’s eliminated her on-screen nemeses one by one.

    Most notably, NeNe has engaged in verbal—and sometimes physical—altercations with Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield, who each enjoyed a four-season run. Kim now has her own show on Bravo, but Sheree wasn’t so fortunate.

    Though she takes credit for getting them on the show in the first place, NeNe said she had nothing to do with them leaving.

    “I was the first housewife in and I think that’s why people assume that. I was the very first housewife and I referred Kim and Sheree and DeShawn Snow; that was season 1,” she explained to radio host Sway Calloway. NeNe didn’t speak on the departure of Lisa Wu Hartwell.

    The “I Dream of NeNe” star seems to have a great relationship with Bravo executive Andy Cohen, host of “Watch What Happens Live,” but she said that she doesn’t have the clout to decide who stays and who goes.

    “I don’t have nothing on Bravo. They do their own hiring and firing, so I had no hand in that,” she said.

    NeNe didn’t reveal her secret to longevity, but she figures she must be doing something right to outlast so many of her former co-stars.

    “I am the last original housewife standing, so that should tell you a lot,” she said.

    Watch more of NeNe’s interview below.

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