Is Tami Roman quitting ‘Basketball Wives’?

    Tami Roman, Basketball Wives

    This might be the last go-round for Tami Roman on “Basketball Wives,” who sounds like she’s ready to jump ship from the popular franchise.

    Tami’s ready to retire her jersey on “BBW.” When one fan asked whether or not she plans on coming back for another season if VH1 orders another season of “Basketball Wives,” she said “No.”


    Tami’s been very vocal about this season of “Basketball Wives” as she posts a video blog about each episode. Up until now, she’s been explaining some of her more explosive and controversial actions. In her most recent blog, Tami had to fill fans in on her comments about Tasha’s weave bar, and she swears that she didn’t mean to disparage her cast mate’s business venture.

    “I really and truly was trying to help [Tasha Marbury]. I was not trying to be catty; I was really coming from a loving place,” Tami said. “I really was proud of her for wanting to do something like this. Within that, though, I just still stand behind that you need to know what you’re investing in and really be hands on and really be involved–and that just wasn’t her moment.”

    Tasha’s preference to be a silent partner isn’t exactly the way Tami likes to conduct business, but she understands that Celebrity Sew-Ins was doing quite well. Keeping that in mind, she would be open to doing business with the “BBW” newbie.

    “I consider Tasha to be the money person,” Tami explained before jokingly making a business pitch to Tasha. “Now listen here, Ms. Tasha: I’m trying to open up this other thing that I’ve been thinking about. Since you’re giving away money, let’s talk.”

    And Tami told viewers that her comment about popping Shaunie was nothing more than a whole lot of mouth. From what Tami said, she’d never actually lay hands on Shaunie because she knows enough to not bite the hand that feeds her.

    “That’s like you going to your job and smacking the sh*t out of your boss. You won’t have a job. You know, so, I had to keep my hands to myself when it comes to Miss Shaunie,” Tami stated, explaining the root of her self-control in this particular situation. “I never really wanted to pop Shaunie; I never felt like any of our issues were that serious.”

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