Russell Simmons talks unforgiving ‘do-nothing Negroes’

    RussellSimmonsRussell Simmons said he tried to quickly put it behind him and move on after a much-criticized and highly controversial video was posted to his YouTube channel, but certain “do-nothing Negroes” wouldn’t let it go, he recently explained.

    Just weeks ago, the hip-hop mogul faced backlash for the clip titled, “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape.” In it, a female and male slave attempt to extort their master by videotaping the owner’s sexual encounter with the woman. The parody was released under Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital channel on YouTube. After the parody went viral, people took to Twitter about the distasteful video.

    “NAACP called me and I pulled it down,” he said, clarifying that he’s received similar requests from the NAACP and other organizations throughout the years. “We have lots of experiences in letting our artists speak freely and this time I didn’t. This is the first time in 30 years I didn’t elect to support the artist.”

    Russell quickly released a public apology and admitted to Arsenio Hall that “it was probably the worst idea of my life.”

    Though he said he completely understood the objections to the video after they were brought to his attention, Russell, who has done a lot to uplift the hip-hop culture, shared his frustration over some in the Black community who seemed to want to vilify him.

    “Everyone has a right to be as outraged as they want,” he conceded. “I didn’t get any calls from any civil rights leaders…they just said, ‘We accept your apology’ because before they even knew about this, I had apologized, but a lot of these do-nothing Negros, they were very angry and kept talking. It’s been tough for me. They tried to turn me into Paula Deen.”

    Watch Russell and Arsenio below.

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