Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas talk relationship book

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    Cynthia Bailey admits that her relationship with Peter Thomas nearly fell apart around the time of their wedding.

    The model and her hubby are putting out a book on the real story about their relationship that you didn’t get to see on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” When Cynthia and Peter made their debut on the series, viewers didn’t have any great expectations about their love lasting very long after the vows.

    Three years later, the happy couple has published Carry-On Baggage because they didn’t like how their relationship was initially portrayed. “Peter and I decided to tell our story because when we were introduced to the world via ‘RHOA,’ our relationship was very misunderstood,” Cynthia explained to Uptown magazine. “Being on the show gave people the right to voice their opinions; however, our relationship is more than what you see in an hour on weekly TV.”

    Peter added, “Millions of people see only 5 percent of what really happens. We wanted to tell our story outside of cable TV editors.”

    It didn’t take long for Cynthia to fall in love with Peter, but the romance was nearly DOA on their big day. “When I met Peter, I fell for him hard and quickly. I moved from the only city I truly loved: New York,” said Cynthia, who admitted that things weren’t exactly solid in the relationship when they got hitched. “By the time we decided to get married, things started to unravel. I had a beautiful wedding with a lot of support, but where we were at that time was not where I wanted us to be.”

    A wedding should be a joyous occasion, but the big day was not what Peter would hope it would be. He wasn’t crazy about the guest list or Cynthia’s family.

    “I wasn’t ready for how the actual wedding went down. There were a lot of people I didn’t care about there, because of the show. Her mother and her sister put a dark cloud on an incredibly sunny day,” Peter added. “I was thankful for the opportunity to do it over without any outside involvement. Eight people. Plus us. That’s it.”

    Both Peter and Cynthia have their own businesses outside of filming for “RHOA.” That might be a lot for some couples to handle and they divorce, but others are able to manage marriage and a busy schedule. Cynthia believes that she and Peter have what it means to make it last.

    Cynthia got realistic stating, “Sometimes it doesn’t work. Never assume that. But our overall commitment to each other is solid.”

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