Demetria McKinney’s ‘Work With Me’ is a woman’s anthem

    Demetria_McKinneyDemetria McKinney is better known for her acting, but the multi-talented entertainer is hoping her singing skills will get as much attention very soon.

    Demetria’s single, “Work With Me,” is now available for download and she described it as a woman’s anthem.

    “A lot of times we’ll talk about what the dude did to us and how we’re hurt by that, but we bring a lot of that baggage into the next. ‘I love you. Work with me,'” explained Demetria who still plans to continue her acting career.

    “Music was my first love. I’m married to music. I have a real passionate affair with acting,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

    Find out more about Demetria’s upcoming projects below. Watch.

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