Tamar Braxton shares Vincent Herbert love story

    Tamar_VinceTamar Braxton explained how she and husband Vincent Herbert made a love connection even though he had a girlfriend at the time.

    “We were really, really cool friends and then I found out that he had a girlfriend. Then, I had to have him after that, and I got him,” Tamar recently told talk-show host Bethenny Frankel.

    Vincent first met Tamar when he was working with her iconic sister Toni Braxton, but he didn’t immediately make his move.

    “He kinda stalked me since I was like 15,” Tamar said. “I would see him sporadically through life. Then, Vincent asked Tamar for her telephone number, so they could schedule time together in the studio.

    “He was really slick about it,” she said.

    Fast-forward to today, and the couple is happily married with their first son, Logan Vincent Herbert, who Tamar describes as a “designer baby.” His first initials are LV, as in Louis Vuitton.

    “It gives me lots of reasons to buy Louis Vuitton,” said Tamar who also got her son’s name from a popular television soap opera, the fictional Brooke Logan of “Bold & the Beautiful.”

    Tamar recently told Sister 2 Sister that motherhood changed her because she now makes her son the priority, but reality TV has changed her, too.

    “I thought that I was giving [my sisters] my opinion,” the “Braxton Family Values” star said. “I found out I was hurting their feelings instead of helping them. So, I watch how I talk to them now. I talk to them as grown women, not just as sisters.”

    Tamar talks about her diet, Spanks and her unique jargon below. Watch.

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