Evelyn blames Tasha for exposing her own marital drama?

    Evelyn_TashaEvelyn Lozada thinks Tasha Marbury will suffer in the long run after joking about Evelyn’s domestic violence incident and seemingly trying to cause friction between the friends on season 5 of “Basketball Wives.”

    “You’re coming on a show that’s established. Who else are you trying to go after try to make a mark on the show? The thing is that she picked the wrong thing to make fun about. We’re six episodes in; you got 4,000 followers on Twitter. You ain’t poppin’ like that,” Evelyn said during a radio interview with Sway Calloway.

    On the VH1 show, Tasha made more than one comment about “head-butting,” which is how Evelyn’s ex admitted abusing her. The highly-publicized assault left a scar on Evelyn’s forehead.

    Tasha reasoned that the remarks were attempts at humor, and Evelyn doesn’t doubt that; although, she thinks Tasha’s comments rubbed many “BBW” fans the wrong way.

    “There are certain things you can make fun of and domestic violence is something that is not funny to a lot of the viewers,” said Evelyn. “I think she was trying to be funny and try to make a mark on the show, but it blew up in her face.”

    When Evelyn confronted Tasha about the comments, Tasha quickly shot back reminding the author that she used Tasha’s marital drama as fodder for her book Inner Circle.

    However, Evelyn explained that Tasha knew before she joined the show that Evelyn had included details of Tasha’s husband’s affair in the fiction novel.

    “When I first started filming this season, she knew about the story in the book…Now, she wants to act like she’s upset about it, but we talked about it prior. She knew,” said Evelyn who reasoned that  Tasha ultimately shared her own dirty laundry by joining the show.

    “If you don’t sign on to do ‘BB Wives,’ that would have been a fart in the wind,” she said.

    Evelyn talks about her current relationship with Chad Johnson below. Watch.

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