‘Basketball Wives’ recap: Season 5 ep. 7

    Tasha requests a gift

    Is it tacky to ask for a present? Tasha clearly doesn’t think so. Once she’d spoken to Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie, Tasha turned her focus to Tami Roman.

    Tami was courteous enough to tell Tasha before hand that she wouldn’t be able to make the party because of some eye problems. Apparently, that still doesn’t let her off the hook for getting Tasha a birthday gift. But being the gracious newbie that she is, Tasha is giving Tami until the end of the month to get her a present.

    But Tasha and Tami also had to have it out over Tami’s behavior at the soft opening for Celebrity Sew-Ins. Tasha didn’t appreciate all of the questions about why she wasn’t more knowledgeable

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