‘Basketball Wives’ recap: Season 5 ep. 7

    Suzie speaks up

    Suzie came out of the gate with the attitude when she went to Tasha’s hotel room to tell her how she felt about being dismissed the other night. It’s pretty clear that Tasha stopped seeing it for Suzie the moment she asked Tasha about her husband cheating with their chef.

    Suzie came expecting an apology, but she was sorely mistaken and promptly told Tasha what she can do to herself. When Tasha suggested that they start over, Suzie was not interested in mending their relationship. And Suzie was not pleased with Tasha’s explanation of why she thinks Suzie is a follower.

    Suzie seemed surprised that Tasha didn’t respond well to immediately and repeatedly being told “f*ck you,” but she quickly left the when Tasha kicked her out.

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