Bambi not worried about Scrappy cheating, Momma Dee

    Bambi_ScrappyAdiz Bambi isn’t worried that her relationship with Lil Scrappy will become as messy as his past romances.

    Bambi, who clarified that she was not Scrappy’s side chick during his engagement to Erica Dixon, said she’s not going to let his past interfere with their future.

    “I know him well. I know him beyond TV. I can’t really base what he’s been through with them on how we’ll turn out,” Bambi told

    Bambi hasn’t met Scrappy’s exes, Shay Johnson or Erica, who had consistent run-ins with Scrappy’s mom, Momma Dee. Though Erica and Momma Dee had issues, Bambi doesn’t think she’ll have similar drama.

    “Momma Dee is cool. We’re cool. She’s super turnt up,” Bambi said. “I have people in my family like Momma Dee. So, I know how to deal with her. Just let her turn up.”

    Though were was reportedly some overlap between Scrappy’s relationships with Shay and Erica, Bambi said she waited until those other women were out of the way before getting involved with the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” rapper.

    “We’ve been friends for a couple of years. When I first moved to Atlanta, I met Scrap and we were friends. When his relationship ended, ours started,” she explained. “It was multiple people, when it was done with, everybody he was dealing with, we started.”

    Although they were already friends, Bambi said Scrappy didn’t immediately approach her romantically after things ended with Erica.

    “At the time, me and Scrap were like talking, and he was trying to figure out what he was doing in his relationships,” she said, hinting that she gave him an ultimatum.

    “You better make a decision,” she remembered telling him. “At the end of the day, I can really do what I want to do.”

    Bambi talks more about “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and “Basketball Wives: LA.” Watch.

    What does Shay think about Bambi? Watch.

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