Daily Buzz 10.2.13: Tami Roman writing relationship book

    Tami Roman writing self-help book

    Tami Roman’s dropping all kinds of bombs this week! First she told WGCI that she’s working on a spin-off, and now she’s getting ready to help women maintain their relationships.

    “I have a book coming. It’s called Mistress 101 and it’s about women and their relationships and how they can keep them and what they should do and what they should be working on,” Tami told Hot 97 earlier this week. She’s not speaking from experience being someone’s mistress, but she revealed, “I’ve talked to mistresses.”

    Since she’s divorce, Ebro Price was a little skeptical about whether or not Tami’s actually in any position to tell women how to keep their love lives in order.

    “Yes, I could,” Tami stated, pointing out that her experience as a divorcé to tell women where they can avoid going wrong. “I’ve been through a relationship and I thought I was the perfect mate, but clearly there were some things within me.”

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