K.Michelle tweets breakup with Lance Stephenson

    KMichelle-LanceStephenson-CropIt seems K.Michelle’s romance with baller Lance Stephenson was a short-lived one.

    Only months after confirming their relationship, the reality TV star took to Twitter to announce that the two are through.

    “I’m single. Ill explain later. I have to do what’s best for me,” she wrote. “If it doesn’t make you smile, know when to walk away. There’s only so much a heart can take. No one deserves to be lied to or cheated on.”

    K. didn’t offer details about the breakup, but her words suggest that Lance may have been unfaithful and his babymama is rumored to be pregnant by him again. After a past relationship that involved domestic violence, it’s no wonder K.Michelle’s tolerance for romantic ratchedness is low.

    “I hate a liar!!! I can forgive alot but a liar is a coward to me. I don’t respect a coward, so we can’t rock. If you gotta lie to do your dirt, you ain’t a real BOSS. A boss will hurt you with the truth before they tell you a lie,” wrote K.

    Before meeting Lance, K.Michelle had sworn off ballers, but after meeting him via social media, she gave it a try with the athlete.

    In the September issue of Sister 2 Sister, K.Michelle explained how she and Lance connected after she watched him do his thing during the NBA playoffs.

    “I googled him and looked on Twitter and he was following me,” she told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. K.Michelle said she decided to follow him back.

    “So for months, nothing. He was still in the playoffs. I just didn’t think nothing. So, I think we had a mutual friend and she had said something about me. Then I was following like 10 people on Vine and he was one of them. And he commented under my thing one day, and he just gave me his number on the Vine in front of the world,” she said.


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