Royce Reed: ‘I felt kinda like I was selling my soul’


    Royce Reed felt like she had to give up a lot more than she was getting during her stint on “Basketball Wives.”

    After the last season of “BBW” Royce was scooted off of the cast along with Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell. Royce had been requesting to be let out of her contract for a while since she was tired of all the drama within the cast. Towards the end of her gig on the show, Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada refused to film with her.

    “As much as I enjoyed the checks, it wasn’t worth contradicting myself and doing something I didn’t really believe in. I felt kinda like I was selling my soul,” Royce told VH1. “I was totally fine with the way I went out last season, you saw me doing my career, you saw me being me.”

    Now that she’s been freed from duty on “Basketball Wives,” she’ll talk to some of her old friends from the show.

    “Kesha’s my girl, we still speak. And Tami and I are good again now,” Royce said, explaining how they repaired their relationship. “I reached out to her, obviously, after her mom passed, and I sent some stuff for the service. We kinda talked and I think she realizes where I was coming from, and I think she realizes I was being a true friend to her.

    Royce added, “I’ve always cared about Tami. I’m not gonna badmouth her; I will voice my opinion, though.”

    And what about her love life? Royce revealed that she is still with her boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe despite the fact that he was caught cheating on her fairly early into the relationship.

    “Dezmon and I are good. We went through some bad times and for the past year it was very on and off, really it was a lot of off,” she explained. “I learned from doing this show that relationships last longer when no one knows your business. With that said Dezmon and I are on good terms.”

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