Daily Buzz 10.4.13: Traci Braxton asks husband for paternity test

    Stacey Dash announces autobiography

    Stacey Dash is continuing her campaign of bashing the Obama administration and promoting her new book! In a recent appearance on Fox News, she spoke with Sean Hannity about school vouchers and why having access to private schools was key to her success.

    Stacey said that she herself had been in a struggling public school until her mother was able to send her to a private institution. The former “Single Ladies” star believes that she would have wound up in a gang had she stayed in public school, and she predicts the same fate for many young students that don’t have a way out.

    “They are left behind, and that’s what I talk about in my book that I’m writing, Not Black Enough,” Stacey said. “That is a criticism, I’ve received my whole life, and I don’t know what it means.”

    She added, “It’s an autobiography, and it’s how my life applies to policies and politics of today.”

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