Marlo Hampton talks feud with Diana Gowin

    MarloHamptonMarlo Hampton isn’t quite sure why fellow “I Dream of NeNe” bridesmaid Diana Gowin seems to have something against her, but she suggests a man or therapy may help resolve things.

    “I think Diana is just really cuckoo and needs to get a mental evaluation,” she told “The girl is just crazy.”

    Viewers didn’t witness it, but Marlo and Diana met before reality TV cameras caught them having a diva brunch with Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes, and Marlo was under the impression that they were cool.

    However, it was clear that Marlo was mistaking when Diana accused her of being an opportunist, using NeNe to gain fame and recognition.

    “Why this woman has a bug up her butt for me, I’ll never know,” said Marlo.

    Diana also suggested that Marlo sleeps with men who can provide her with the lavish lifestyle she desires. Marlo called the allegations “hilarious” and warned Diana not to throw stones.

    “For her to try to act like she’s living in this glass house and she’s not living in one and you just wanna sit and put accusations on me and what I’m doing and how I afford my lifestyle—I just think it’s so hilarious. I’m like, ‘Don’t you have children by a married man? Are you serious right now?’ I mean that’s awful,” said Marlo who thinks Diana would benefit if the two actually forged a friendship.

    “If Diana had any sense, she would be trying to be my friend so I could help her out with her fashion,” said Marlo.

    Diana, who has been close with NeNe since before “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” questioned why NeNe invited some women, who she’s only known for a few years, to stand by her at the altar. However, Marlo reasoned that Diana should trust NeNe’s judgment.

    “All of the people NeNe chose to be in her wedding have meant something special to her at some point in her life. It doesn’t matter if she’s known them her whole life, or just a few years, she made her choices, so we should all respect that – and most of us do…,” Marlo wrote on her blog.

    Though Marlo admits she was “seriously shocked” by Diana’s attitude toward her, she said she tried to remain classy and not overreact out of respect for NeNe.

    “I’m from the hood, don’t let the weave and Louboutins fool you! I knew I was there to support NeNe and that stayed at the forefront of my mind the whole time,” said Marlo who described Diana as “territorial and possessive.”

    “Diana needs to get a life and some more friends…” she wrote. “And maybe a man of her own!”

    Marlo talks about her style secrets at

    Is NeNe going to have to dismiss a bridesmaid? Get a preview of the next episode below.

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