Porsha Stewart talks single motherhood

    TwitPics_porsha_stewart_10313Porsha Stewart has made it clear that she’s ready for motherhood, but with her marriage over is she considering having a child on her own?

    “I think that the position of being a single mother is admirable. I think that’s a very strong role to play,” Porsha said in the October issue of Sister 2 Sister. “If I found myself in that situation, I’m sure God would pull me through that, just like everything else.”

    Porsha was a step-mom to her ex’s son, but “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans watched as her desire to birth a child of her own sooner rather than later caused strain in her marriage.

    Single motherhood is an option and deliberate choice for many, and Porsha recognized how difficult the challenge can be.

    “It’s nothing to play with at all. It’s real cute when you’re pregnant and you got the belly and everybody’s telling you it’s so wonderful, but it’s no plaything, raising a child,” she Porsha who knows from experience.

    “There’s no way in the world I could be as strong as I am, even right now in my situation, if it wasn’t for me having a mother who was a single mom and had the type of strength that she displayed while she raised me,” said Porsha does want to find her Prince Charming first.

    “What woman doesn’t?” she reasoned.

    Cover_October2013_TGTGet more from Porsha in the October 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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