Lil Mama talks becoming Left Eye

    She has some large, yet petite, shoes to fill as she tackles the role of Left Eye for VH1’s TLC biopic, but Lil Mama said she’s not stressed.

    “I don’t really feel the pressure when I’m performing because it feels so good to celebrate her,” the rapper told “Access Hollywood.”

    Not only has Lil Mama personified Left Eye in the film, she also performed with TLC members Chilli and T-Boz. “If they ask me to come, I’m going to come. Who says, ‘no,’ to TLC?” said Lil Mama who pursued the role.

    “I went after it. I went in there like, ‘This is my role. There’s nobody else.’ That kind of confidence,” she explained.

    Not only is she a fan of the music, Lil Mama said TLC attracted such a huge audience because the ladies weren’t afraid to get serious when needed. However, they also knew how to have fun.

    “They definitely had a message,” she said. “It wasn’t just like, ‘Hey, I’m going to drill a message into your head and that’s it. When they had something to say and they felt like it was something that needed to be said, they weren’t afraid to do that either.”

    Lil Mama said she researched Left Eye’s life and also watched other biopics, like Ray and Selena, to prepare for the role. Luckily, she said she was able to find a way to balance all of Left Eye’s many layers, including the part of her that set fire to a man’s house.

    “She was a rebel and that’s what I enjoy most about my character because it was the most challenging part to know when to be super sweet Left Eye and then when to let it take you to that level,” she said.

    Watch more from Lil Mama above. Get a preview of the VH1 film below.

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