Daily Buzz 10.10.13: K.Michelle calls Erica Mena ‘trash’

    Sneak Peek: ‘Scandal’ season 3 ep. 2

    Olivia Pope is on a mission to set things right for one unlucky women that has been swept up into the frenzy of her recently uncovered affair with President Fitzgerald Grant.

    In attempt to save their collective behinds, Fitz crew named a completely innocent woman in the scandal to keep the press from sniffing around Olivia. The only problem is that didn’t sit right with the president, and he’s decided to tap into his inner boss to tell Mellie and Cyrus what they’re going to do to set things right.

    Fitz knows he’ll be in for a real battle, and in another teaser (courtesy of “Good Morning America”) he tells Olivia that he doesn’t want her to pull any punches. She leaves little room for doubt that Fitz’s latest alleged mistress never laid a hand on the Commander In Chief.

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