Drew Sidora: ‘I didn’t know TLC danced so hard’

    TLCBiopicCastPicVH1The ladies of TLC are known for their unique swag and vocals, but Drew Sidora, who portrays T-Boz in VH1’s “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” biopic discovered that they’re no joke when it comes to dancing either.

    “I didn’t know TLC danced so hard,” said Drew. “We had no idea what we had in store for us. That was challenge.”

    Drew stars alongside Lil Mama (Left Eye) and KeKe Palmer (Chilli) in the made-for-TV movie and none of the ladies are new to performing onstage, but Drew admitted that the TLC choreographer was more difficult than she’d expected.

    “When we got to dance rehearsal, the choreographer started showing us moves and we were like, ‘What?’ Much respect,” said Drew. “They were dancing like guys, and they made it look cool.”

    It wasn’t just executing the moves that challenged the trio. They had to make it look effortless.

    Drew, who starred in Step Up, has studied jazz, salsa, modern dance and ballet.

    Drew_Sidora“I was able to take all of that and implement it into what I learned for TLC,” said Drew whose physical preparation didn’t end at dance rehearsals.

    “It was a challenge for me getting my abs together. That was another struggle as well,” she said. “We worked with a trainer, eating a very strict diet. I would work out with my trainer at 4 or 5 in the morning.”

    Drew is hoping all her hard work pays off when “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” premieres on October 21 on VH1.

    “This is TLC’s time and the 20th anniversary. Embrace us and embrace their story. When [viewers] see the film, they are going to do nothing but celebrate TLC, the film and embrace them and this story for the hard work we did. We captured everything,” she said.

    Cover_November2013_JamieFosterBrownDrew talks about her instant connection with T-Boz in the November issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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