Evelyn Lozada: ‘I just really want real friends’

    Evelyn LozadaBy season 3 of “Basketball Wives,” it seemed Evelyn Lozada was at the center of the so-called circle that excluded some less popular cast members, but that circle is more like a straight line now.

    “The only one that I’m friends with is Shaunie [O’Neal]. I may talk to Suzie [Ketcham] from time to time. I don’t tell her any secrets or anything like that,” Evelyn told OK magazine.

    Season 5 of the hit VH1 reality show features five women, all of whom Evelyn seemed to be friendly with at one point or another. However, since seeking counsel from life coaches who’ve helped her learn to let go of harmful relationships, Ev said she’s more selective about who’s in her circle.

    “I’m just at a point in my life where I just really want real friends,” she said.

    Though she and Tami Roman started off rocky, the two seemed to have forged a solid friendship during later seasons of the show. However, the women confirmed that they’re no longer on speaking terms.

    As for newcomer Tasha Marbury, Evelyn has known her for years and practically introduced her to the group. However, after Evelyn included Tasha’s personal marriage drama into a novel and Tasha proved to have a questionable sense of humor, the two haven’t been on the same page.

    Evelyn is still cool with Suzie, but after saying too much about Evelyn’s personal life back in season 2, Evelyn decided not to confide in her anymore, and that hasn’t changed.

    That leaves Shaunie.

    “I was the first one that Shaunie asked to be on the show. We were really good friends before this entire thing happened, not knowing that it was going to become something big,” Evelyn said. “I don’t want the fake, part-time friends. I’m too grown for that.”

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