Daily Buzz 10.11.13: BET teases ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ season 2

    Judy Smith weighs in on Olivia Pope’s scandal

    Olivia Pope probably should have gotten on a plane and disappeared like her father told her–at least that’s what Judy Smith thinks.

    As the real-life inspiration for “Scandal,” Judy would have advised Olivia to take a step back once her name was leaked as the president’s mistress. It’s a twist that puts Olivia in the unique position of needing her own help.

    “I think for a crisis manager, it is very interesting — instead of handling the crisis, now she is the crisis,” said Judy, who admits that social media has complicated the politics of cleaning up stick situations.

    “It is so different — social media has really changed the landscape for crisis management,” Judy mused to WJLA. “Someone can be blogging at home in their pajamas, and all of a sudden, it goes all over the world–so it is very, very difficult. If it’s incorrect, you have to pull it back very quickly, or else you’ll lose control over the narrative.”


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