Brandy admits ‘Two Eleven’ disappointment, talks next album

    Brandy_Norwood“When something is very special you want for it to connect with as many people as it possibly can,” said R&B artist Brandy Norwood about her latest album Two Eleven.

    The album was released late last year and has since sold around 180,000 copies, and Brandy admitted she had higher hopes for the project. She is not too happy about her album sales but appreciates her fans who supported the album and appreciate it for exactly what it is—her album.

    “Everything in your life is to teach you something about yourself. I think we’re all here for [a] purpose, and I think certain experiences can reveal what those purposes and those truths are for us as people,” Brandy said in an interview with Europe’s DaVibe magazine.

    Brandy may be disappointed with the underwhelming sales of Two Eleven, but despite that she assured her fans she is not throwing in the towel. She is already getting back to work on her next album. “Yes, I have started the process of working on the new album. I’m just putting it all together—putting the vision together,” Brandy said about what will be her seventh studio album.

    For the new project, Brandy is excited about the possibility of working with a lot of new producers and reconnecting with others. On that list of producers is Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, as well as, producers Sean Garrett and Bangladesh who helped Brandy bring the world the hit single “Put It Down” featuring Chris Brown that was on the last album.

    “It’s in the works. I can assure you it is going to be a great album,” said Brandy.

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