Tasha compares her emotional trauma to Evelyn’s abuse

    tashamarburySome may see a huge difference between physical abuse and emotional trauma, but Tasha Marbury doesn’t.

    While the show’s cast is careful not to offend Evelyn Lozada by using thoughtless references to head-butting, Tasha countered that the same courtesy was not given to her when Ev decided to write about Tasha’s husband’s affair.

    “I don’t care if all the names were changed. I just have that level of respect for my friends,” said Tasha who would have preferred Evelyn check with her before using the story in her novel.

    The scenarios are not exactly the same, but Tasha does see parallels between her “joking” about Evelyn’s assault and Evelyn making money off of Tasha’s troubled marriage.

    “Evelyn is the type of person, she can make fun of and talk about anybody. As soon as the tables are turned, she gets in defensive mode,” Tasha told Sister 2 Sister.

    Evelyn has argued that if Tasha hadn’t decided to share her life on a reality TV show, no one would have even realized that the fictional characters in her book were based on Tasha’s personal issues.

    Evelyn_Tasha“That possibly very well could have been true,” Tasha conceded, but she thinks the larger issue is a friend who seemingly put the almighty dollar before a person’s feelings.

    “At that particular time, when Evelyn wrote that book, maybe she didn’t feel the need to [get my permission],” said Tasha. “She probably thought, ‘I’m doing it for my personal reasons and personal gain.’ That’s what she did.”

    Tasha, whose foundation helps bring awareness to children who suffer abuse, said she tries to be more considerate of other’s feelings.

    “I try to be cognizant of not stepping on people’s toes and being kind to others,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s not somebody else’s story to tell.”

    Though she doesn’t have a scar on her body to remind everyone of the ordeal she went through, Tasha reasoned that her pain is just as real.

    “That was a very difficult time in my life. People have to understand that emotional trauma is just as real as physical trauma. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist,” she said.

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