‘Basketball Wives’ recap: Season 5, episode 9

    Tasha has a stalker

    If it’s not one thing in Tasha Marbury’s marriage, it’s another. After settling her differences with Suzie, Tasha felt comfortable enough to vent some of her stress to the rest of the cast. She revealed that she’s been stalked by one of her husband’s Stephon’s fans that seems to be under the impression that she is in a relationship with the pro-baller. It’s gotten so bad that the stalker even masqueraded as a journalist to get closer to Tasha.

    Evelyn did a little digging on Tasha’s stalker and clocked her online behavior because the woman had reached out to her and some online news outlets. Then she offered her homegirl Tasha access to her attorney, who just so happens to do a bang-up job handling cyber-stalking.

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