Christina Milian eliminated on ‘Dancing With the Stars’


    Christina Milian supplied the first major shock of the season on “Dancing With The Stars” as she was eliminated from the competition.

    Even getting the first 10 of the season and winning rave reviews from the judges week after week couldn’t keep Christina and her partner Mark Ballas on the dance floor. Viewers were surprised to see Christina booted from the Ballroom on Monday night as she had been one of the top performers on season 13 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

    No one could have been as shocked as Christina, who believed her routine last night would secure her place in the competition. Blind-sided, Christina said, “It’s a true shock, I wasn’t expecting that, but we had I think the best performance tonight that we had thus far.”

    One of our favorite contenders from the moment she stepped out of her comfort zone in the premiere, many believed that she would make it into the top 5 if not the final 3. Christina was gracious in her exit, stating, “I’ve made some great memories, great friends here, everybody’s been fantastic.”

    After the credits rolled on Monday’s “DWTS,” Christina had a little more time to process how she could have been knocked out of the competition. “I’m not saying it should have been anyone else, but–to be honest with you–after having a great performance you feel a lot more confident, but in the back of your mind you know a lot of this is determined by votes,” she told Us Weekly.

    She concluded, “A lot of it has to do with that and we knew last week wasn’t the best week based on everything with [guest judge Julianne Hough] and all the stuff that happened, so we weren’t sure what the outcome would be. I guess it just didn’t work out.”

    Christina and Mark went out on top with a near-perfect score. Check out their final dance below!

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