Vawn Sims offers love advice in new book

    Vawn SimsBachelor Jevon Vawn Sims, of “The New Atlanta,” admits he’s messed up in relationships before, but he’s ready to do it right the next time and help others find love, too.

    “I wasn’t able to embrace the love component. Love is real hard to embrace when you’re passionate,” he told Sister 2 Sister, explaining how he previously missed out on love. “The next time my queen comes, I will never miss it again.”

    “The New Atlanta” viewers have likely seen Vawn in action as he cooked a nice meal and wined and dined co-star Africa Miranda. However, he wouldn’t say he’s actively pursuing love right now.

    “I’m just going to make myself better, do what I do and then and let God bring it,” he said.

    That’s similar to the theme of Vawn’s new book The Man U All Love, Need, Want and Hate.

    “It’s like a self-help book. I know a lot of people talk about relationships. In my book, I talk more about having a relationship with yourself. Everything you want to do starts with you,” said Vawn.

    Although he’s working on becoming a better man, Vawn still considers himself a bad boy…with good boy qualities.

    “That means that if I have to stand up for myself, or my woman or my son, I’m the guy to do the standing. If I have to take the controversy, I’m the guy to take it. I play quarterback. I want the pressure,” he said. “That’s the bad boy.

    “The good boy side of the bad boy is the values, the honesty, trying to be a better person everyday, trying to figure out how to supersede my own expectations. I’m not one without the other. They both peek out every now and then,” he said.

    Get a few Hot Minutes from Vawn below. Watch. Plus, tune in to watch “The New Atlanta” Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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