Laura and Gloria Govan hint at reality show premiere

    "Basketball Wives LA" Season 2 Premiere
    Laura and Gloria Govan may make their return to TV as early as this January!

    While the sister’s couldn’t dish up too many details about their upcoming reality show, they did that fans can expect to see them again as soon as the top of 2014.

    The pair might be keeping a tight lid on the tea for their series, but Laura had plenty to say about the fall out over her comments that Shaunie had ruined the “Basketball Wives” franchise by allowing girlfriends and babymamas on the show.

    “I just feel like, there’s a show for everybody. I kinda felt like she should’ve kept it in the basketball creed,” Laura explained. “It was more so like, ‘If you want a show to be ratchet, then do that.’ You know what I’m saying?  Let that be the show.”

    Laura’s not trying to keep women involved in the world of professional basketball from getting some screen time and a check, though. She just believes that a show about wives isn’t the platform for them.

    “I just feel like that wasn’t the show that Basketball Wives should’ve been,” Laura said. “I have no harsh feelings.  I love some of the girls on the show. I love the producers, I loved it all.  So, you know I just felt like, there’s a show for everybody.”

    Her opinions aside, Laura did regret some of the language she used while criticizing Shaunie. “I shouldn’t have used the word “hoes,” says Laura. ”I did apologize.  I apologize.”

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