‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast fights in season 6 super trailer

    2. Kordell Stewart can’t let go of Porsha

    Kordell Stewart may have sprung the surprise of the year when he filed for divorce from Porsha Stewart, but it doesn’t sound like he’s let go of her.

    Despite being shocked by the devastating news earlier this year, Porsha has been determined to bounce back from the sudden split. That means she’s been out enjoying the single life as best she can and getting to know who she is outside of the context of her failed marriage.

    In a special appearance on “RHOA,” though, Kordell makes it pretty clear that he doesn’t like Porsha’s partying. “She’s still my wife,” he told Peter Thomas. “I better know where [she’s] at. It’s going to be a problem.”

    The stress is so much that Porsha winds up in the hospital.

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