Daily Buzz 10.18.13: Apollo talks cheating on Phaedra Parks?

    Chris Brown performs unreleased track

    Chris Brown is still feeling some type of way about Rihanna and he will not be silenced! While the pair are most decidedly not together and have kept their distance from each other for months, he did throw some shade her way in an unrleased verse from DJ Khaled’s “I’m Still.”

    Not content to let his work go unheard, Chris dropped his part of the track on Vimeo and his rhymes exhibited an old double standard.

    Guys are free to brag about how many women they can get in bed, but Chris slammed Rihanna for having a long list of lovers. He rhymed, “Every n*gga in the industry done fucked my b***h/ And all my niggas said I told ya/Now all these rap niggas wanna be political/Nah, f**k that I’m a real lyrical/killer.”

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